Barry James - End of the DVD

As a digital media maven, I thought I would share with all of you that we just canceled our Netflix subscription today (07-25-2011).    We did it basically for 3 reasons:

1) with movies, we are shifting completely to either streaming (rental) or digital versions (paid) - no more Blu-ray discs, DVD discs, Laser-discs or VHS tape for us! (And do I have a collection of DVDs & LDs to sell to you!!!!!!)

2) we hadn't used Netflix in several months (neither DVD nor streaming)

3) I did an in-depth analysis of streaming movie content availability between Directv, iTunes, Amazon, Netflix and Vudu; and I did some A/B-ing of quality, both video and 5.1 sound, between several of the players.
The quantity and quality results favor: Directv, Vudu and iTunes; they did NOT favor either Amazon or Netflix.

The DVD will soon be like our LP records of old - remembered but no longer in our homes. (I recently disposed of all my ripped CDs - so we don't have those around anymore either).

(c) Barry James Digital Media Maven